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Article from Primedia's Spirit Guide:


It's Been Around For 2,000 Years, Yet It's All The Rage In Hollywood.

By Elaine G. Flores and Tara Shaffer

Rays Of Light:

A Q&A with Robert Waxman, lecturer and best-selling author.

Spirit Guide: What is the goal of Jewish Mysticism?

WAXMAN: To help people understand the hidden meanings of the Bible and

the concealed mysteries of the universe. Through Jewish Mysticism, people can uncover the secrets of life, creation, the soul, and they'll have a greater understanding of their own life's purpose. When they discover this divine truth within themselves, that basically is the divine wisdom of God. The idea behind mysticism is that unless your inner core is intact, your experience of joy will be temporary or conditional, depending upon outside events. True lasting happiness can only be found within one's self.

Spirit Guide: Should one be Jewish to study Jewish Mysticism?

WAXMAN: Absolutely not. Mysticism is for anyone who believes in unity, love

and compassion.

Spirit Guide: Why do you think Jewish Mysticism has become so popular, especially

with celebs?

WAXMAN: Celebrities are people, just like anybody else. The question is, why

wouldn’t anyone be attracted to mystical teachings? Many people have become

disappointed with organized religion and are looking for other answers and have

found them in Jewish Mysticism. There's a great interest among Americans in

ancient philosophies from the past have been swept under the rug, or were not

seriously considered because they weren't part of an organized movement. 

Spirit Guide: In your view, what is the best way to undertake Jewish Mystical


WAXMAN: Some organizations have taken some of the basic ideas and

have written a sort of Reader's Digest version, so everybody can

understand it. The danger here is that you may oversimplify to the point

where it becomes just a self-help manual on how to live a good life. If

people really want to learn the truth about Jewish Mysticism, the best way is to

study books by critically acclaimed scholars, who spent their lives teaching at universities or writing books. But Jewish Mysticsm can me understood by anyone, of any faith, and of any nationality. It is truly a universal philosophy of acceptance, love and wisdom!    

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